Now on Facebook!

Much like I recently joined 1997 and got a webpage… I have now joined 2007 and my wife is hosting my art page on Facebook!  Come check it out, drop some likes & comments!

First-Ever Fan Recognition at the DG!

A few days ago, I had my first-ever fan-recognition out in public, specifically at my local Dollar General.  I was looking at art supplies (shocker!) when a little girl of about 7 or 8 walked up and asked, “Are you the man who paints the superheroes?”  BAM!  Fame at last!!  She was so cute, and • Read More »

Hannah’s “HULK SMASH!!!!” Shhhhhhhh!!!!

Jordan and I hit up the Enterprise Public Library every Thursday before his art class and we have discovered that sweet & unassuming librarian, Hannah, is a big Hulk fan.  Thus we had to make sure that Hannah got one of my Hulk prints.  We also suspect that she hulks out after the library closes!

Another Phone Call Doodle…

Had a call with my good friend, John Beatty – planning out his commissions catch-up roster some more.  As the faithful readers of this blog know, I doodle when I’m on the phone.

New Light Table!

After winning some Amazon gift cards in a raffle for giving a hotel some feedback – apparently, you really can win some stuff in those things – I spent some of the money on a cool drawing table.  It actually lights up very brightly like a giant iPhone which allows for some great drawing or • Read More »

He-Man Gets Mohan-ed!

He-Man Gets Mohan-ed! Those familiar with this blog (all 19 of you followers!) will know that my digital colorist, Mohan, is the best!  She just returned my He-Man back from her shop of magic! Here’s what I sent her: She makes me sparkle!

This Week’s Teleconference Doodle

This week, I tried my hand a bit of a modernized Kato from The Green Hornet.  I really need to get better at drawing faces and this week’s call afforded me a bit of practice!

Yard Sale Artist – Takin’ Care of Business!

Did I find a mid-week yard sale?  Yes, I did.  Did I find art supplies at that yard sale?  Yes, I did.  Did I get this entire box of paints for $1?  Yes, I did.  Take to the cheapness, ya’ll!

Coloring Some Aubie-Batman for Jud

Some fun background work and some color for Jud – almost there!  Got my local digital colors/effects gal, TheSunshineArtist, on the case!  The regular version will have Aubatman rocking an orange belt and orange aubie-symbol – this more Batman version is just for Jud.