Freddie Mercury – Final & Process Pics

I’m very pleased with the final cut of the Freddie Mercury piece that I’m doing for my brother’s upcoming birthday!  My digital cohort, TheSunshineArtist, helped me bring my digital background concept to life! Prior to that, my OTHER digital cohort, Mohan, did some very nice color work on the man himself. And then we take • Read More »

SPECIAL Print at MGA Con!

Come out to MGA Con in Macon, Georgia next month to get this event-special print by myself & the legendary John Beatty!  Hope to see you at the show!

Freddie Mercury

I was introduced to Queen by my older brother, Jason – he was always a big fan.  And thank goodness, because I still think that Freddie Mercury is still one of the greatest vocal talents that Rock has ever seen.  My brother’s birthday is coming up, so I did this pen & ink piece for • Read More »

Yard Sale Artist Strikes! Framed Small Batman

Found this interesting frame at my local Goodwill- did some pen & ink work on a Batman piece to fit the frame &, Jumanji! We have another piece of upcycled yard sale art to sell to any interested party!

Custom Cover for Batman #0

Did a custom sketch cover a bit outside the norm on my style.  Just pencil work this time instead of the pen & ink.  And a bit of a throwback to the 90’s animated show – loved that show and loved this pose!  This is highly reminiscent of what I was drawing in high school… • Read More »

Link Drawing with Mohan Colors

The always-wonderful Mohan has returned my Link piece with her gorgeous digital color work – behold! Here is what I sent her: