Quick Auburn Painting

So, let’s say that you’ve got an old hatch door from a sailboat, a cast-iron eagle from a 1970’s outdoor plaque, some orange and blue paint, some making tape, and a little spare time as you wait for your other project to dry…

His Royal Badness: PRINCE! In Color!

Remember the Prince I did way back during the first few days of October, during the Inktober Challenge?  Well, I decided to let my ultra-talented colorist give it a go….and I think she nailed it! Original pen & ink:

Arrow Print – Colored

Got my Arrow back from my awesome digital colorist – she’s a crafty magician!  You can see the pen & ink original that I sent her below.  I’m so glad that I got hooked up with her, she adds so much beauty to my prints!

Appearance in the Macon Telegraph

The Macon Telegraph did an article on MGA Con – if you scroll through the 7 pics at the top of the article, you’ll find one handsome devil on pic #7… Here’s the link: