Art & Aircraft Unveiling

I was very blessed to get an art gig for the fantastic folks at Basler Turbo Conversions – you can check them out at – they modify the classic DC-9 aircraft for a variety of specialized missions such as arctic cap expedition, geological survey, & forest firefighting.  They decided to add a weaponized version for • Read More »

Indiana Jones in a Yard Sale Frame

Knocked out another quick pen & ink marker sketch for one of my many yard-sale-acquired frames.  I put on “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and had fun doing this Indiana Jones piece.

Sonic Sketchcard

Jordan has art class after school for 90 minutes every Thursday.  I usually do a sketch in that time.  Today was some marker work with a light watercolor enhancement – SONIC!

Lovely Lara Croft!

Another phenomenal color job by my half-a-world-away partner in crime, Mohan!  I remember first playing the original Tomb Raider on my brand new PlayStation (the original) while I was in college.  I absolutely loved it and I’ve beaten every Tomb Raider game since then.  So, I felt compelled to do an homage piece to the • Read More »

By the Power of Greyskull!

Got my He-Man piece back from my always-awesome digital colorist, Mohan – she never ceases to impress! Original pen & ink: