Weekend Roundup #4 – Mohan Colors, Custom Covers, & Podcasts!

Let’s get caught up! ————————————————————————————- I was very excited to get multiple pieces back from my AWESOME digital colorist, Mohan!  Let’s take a look! Digitally Colored Art: Pete Venkman from Ghostbusters! Hellboy!   Sgt. Rock with his nemesis, Iron Major, looming!   Wolverine!  SNIKT!   Custom Covers: Baby Groot! Animated Thor!   ————————————————————————————- Podcasts: ————————————————————————————- • Read More »

Weekend Round-Up #3 – G.I. Joe Art, Podcasts, & More!

OK, so it’s been a little longer than a week…..more like a month, but I have been CRAZY busy over the last month, especially on the weekends.  Between my day job, family travels, and an art show, it has been pretty nuts!  But let’s get caught up!  Paintings first! ————————————————————————————- I finished this Cobra Commander • Read More »