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Hamilton vs Burr: A Werewolf Tale is HERE!!

Sorry it’s been so long since I updated the site – things have been CRAZY!  But CRAZY GOOD!  Hamilton vs Burr: A Werewolf Tale was unveiled at Tallahassee ComiCon and the response was FANTASTIC!!! See all the buyers in their pics below…which include MING CHIN from AMC’s “Comic Book Men” and JOHN ANDERSON from “Guardians • Read More »

My 1st Comic is coming…..

Watch this space because my first comic is going to available very, VERY soon!!!! (like within 10 days soon)

Sketch Cards!

Ever since I got the sketh card gig at Marvel/Upper Deck, I’ve been doing a lot of custom sketch cards!  Which one is your favorite? A custom sketch card from me is only $20 with free US shipping, so hit me up if you need to order one:             • Read More »

DragonCon 2017 – AMAZING!!!!!

DragonCon 2017 was SO GOOD TO ME!!!  I met some awesome people on Artists Alley, had a great time being on the Sci-Fi Classics Track panel on The Last Starfighter & Tron, and dang-near sold out of original art!!! So, without further adieu…THANK YOU to all my fans & new friends!  Here are 35 people • Read More »


The title says it all!  I am a guest at DragonCon this year – look for me in Artist Alley at table 23G – it’s in AmericasMart on the 3rd Floor! 1-4 September in Atlanta! Click image below for the official website!

My First Published Book Cover! Blackthorn: Spires of Mars

I’m very excited to announce that my first published book cover is now available!  Blackthorn: Spires of Mars is a sci-fi/fantasy novel by acclaimed British author, Ian Watson.  Blackthorn is a character created by Van Allen Plexico, and Ian has taken over the series since Van’s initial book – Spires of Mars is Book 3 • Read More »

Weekend Round-Up #5 – Paintings, Drawings & Podcasts! AND PAGE ONE OF MY FIRST COMIC AS A WRITER!!

Let’s jump right in with paintings!  First up, take a look at this nice little ocean home decor piece that I found…and then the Aquaman I added to it! ———————-PAINTINGS———————-   And I finished up another Link from Zelda painting!   ———————-DRAWINGS———————- Got a sketchvover done as well – one of my very favorite mutants • Read More »

Weekend Roundup #4 – Mohan Colors, Custom Covers, & Podcasts!

Let’s get caught up! ————————————————————————————- I was very excited to get multiple pieces back from my AWESOME digital colorist, Mohan!  Let’s take a look! Digitally Colored Art: Pete Venkman from Ghostbusters! Hellboy!   Sgt. Rock with his nemesis, Iron Major, looming!   Wolverine!  SNIKT!   Custom Covers: Baby Groot! Animated Thor!   ————————————————————————————- Podcasts: ————————————————————————————- • Read More »

Weekend Round-Up #3 – G.I. Joe Art, Podcasts, & More!

OK, so it’s been a little longer than a week…..more like a month, but I have been CRAZY busy over the last month, especially on the weekends.  Between my day job, family travels, and an art show, it has been pretty nuts!  But let’s get caught up!  Paintings first! ————————————————————————————- I finished this Cobra Commander • Read More »