This past weekend marks my second appearance in as many years at MGA Con in Macon, GA.  And it was a dynamite show!  I made some great new friends that I hope to be featuring here on the blog soon.  The staff at MGA Con is the gold standard when it comes to running the show and taking care of us artist types – can’t thank them enough!  Special thanks to my friend and mentor, John Beatty, for all his support to get my art in the public eye…and improve it too!  More thanks to my long-time friends, Jesse & Jeannie, for supporting me throughout the show – that kind of support is immeasurable.  And, finally, a HUGE THANKS to the FANS!  Everyone who came by the table was so great with their kind words and fantastic attitudes – you guys make the show what it is!  Here are a few pics of some of the great fans who made my MGA Con 2016 absolutely awesome!







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