NEW DIRECTION: Weekly Round-Up #1

OK, I’m taking my blogspot into something of a new direction.  Since it’s much easier to keep up with my daily activities on Twitter (@yardsaleartist) & Facebook (@yardsaleartist), I’ve decided to use my websites (this one & for more weekly round-up purposes.  I’ll do my best to drop a “week in review” every weekend.  The “week in review” will cover finished art, updates on my comic books coming out, works in progress, podcast appearances, convention announcements, and everything in between!  So Let’s get to it!
Works in Progress
I’m currently working on a commission for a client who wants a Walking Dead montage piece and I have finished inking the center of the piece, which is of course, Rick Grimes.
Finished Art
 I did one of my favorite pieces of “quick art” – a quick 007 sketch on a page from a James Bond Novel.  Don’t worry, folks, I only use beaten up & tattered books destined for the trash heap!


I also finished a painting!  Which is rare as they take a lot more time than my other work!  This Doctor Doom piece seemed right at home in this insanely ornate, yard sale found picture frame.


My latest podcast appearance has been my semi-regular co-hosting slot on Pat Sampson’s “The Longbox Crusade” where we discussed Marvel’s Star Wars #43 from 1980.  Pat and I have a lot of fun doing these episodes.  If you’d like to give the show a try, it is on iTunes – here is the link to the website where you can also listen to episodes directly:
That’s it for this week – I look forward to next weekends round up!

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