Weekend Round-Up #3 – G.I. Joe Art, Podcasts, & More!

OK, so it’s been a little longer than a week…..more like a month, but I have been CRAZY busy over the last month, especially on the weekends.  Between my day job, family travels, and an art show, it has been pretty nuts!  But let’s get caught up!  Paintings first!
I finished this Cobra Commander painting in an insanely elaborate frame!
Digitally Colored Art:
I got my walking dead piece back from my fantastic digital colorist, Mohan!
Black & White art:
Kind of a military theme this month where I did a Roadblock from G.I. Joe (The Rock version) & a Sgt. Rock piece – both lots of fun!


Hand-Colored Art:
Knocked out one 11×17″ Spider-Man marker piece & a custom comic book cover featuring LEGO Wolverine!
Over on the White Rocket Entertainment Network – found on iTunes or at www.whiterocket.podbean.com
NEW episode of Comics with Normies!
NEW episode of Babylon 5 Re/Watch
NEW episode of Quantum Leap Re/Watch
Over on the Longbox Crusade – found on iTunes or at www.longboxcrusade.com
NEW episode of The Longbox Crusade
Over on the Fire & Water Podcast Network’s “Film & Water Podcast” – found on iTunes or at  http://fireandwaterpodcast.com/podcast/film-water-87-swamp-thingman-thing/
GUEST APPEARANCE on The Film & Water Podcast
That’s it for the last month!  Hopefully, I will be back sooner with a new update!

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