Weekend Round-Up #5 – Paintings, Drawings & Podcasts! AND PAGE ONE OF MY FIRST COMIC AS A WRITER!!

Let’s jump right in with paintings!  First up, take a look at this nice little ocean home decor piece that I found…and then the Aquaman I added to it!


And I finished up another Link from Zelda painting!


Got a sketchvover done as well – one of my very favorite mutants – NIGHTCRAWLER!
Also, did a quick Pierce Brosnan 007 sketch on a page from a James Bond novel.
I am so excited to see page one of my soon-to-be-published comic book: “The Duel.”  My team is great!  Nate Niles is on art.  Ace Wheelie is coloring.  Percy Constantine is lettering.  And Van Allen Plexio, along with my wife Johanna, are doing the editing.
MUCH more to come on this!
You can find me on a new episode of www.LongboxCrusade.com – Pat, Jason and I discuss Star Wars #55 by Marvel Comics!
I’m also found as a guest on gijoe.headspeaks.com – Aaron, Ryan and I discuss G.I. Joe #13 by Marvel Comics, along with an episode of the cartoon series.
A new episode of my show, Comics with Normies, is found at https://whiterocket.podbean.com/e/comics-with-normies-003-dcs-the-creeper-3/ – Joi and I discuss DC’s The Creeper #3!
While you’re on the White Rocket Entertainment Network, you might want to listen to Van Allen Plexico & I discuss Babylon 5 episodes here: https://whiterocket.podbean.com/e/white-rocket-117-babylon-5-rewatch-season-1-eps-3-6/
I think that wraps it for this update!

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