Weekend Roundup #4 – Mohan Colors, Custom Covers, & Podcasts!

Let’s get caught up!
I was very excited to get multiple pieces back from my AWESOME digital colorist, Mohan!  Let’s take a look!
Digitally Colored Art:
Pete Venkman from Ghostbusters!


Sgt. Rock with his nemesis, Iron Major, looming!


Wolverine!  SNIKT!


Custom Covers:
Baby Groot!
Animated Thor!


Over on the White Rocket Entertainment Network – found on iTunes or at www.whiterocket.podbean.com
NEW episode of On Her Majesty’s Secret Podcast!
Over on the Longbox Crusade – found on iTunes or at www.longboxcrusade.com
NEW episode of The Longbox Crusade
That’s it for the last month!  Hopefully, I will be back sooner with a new update!

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